DC Outing to See Someone Famous

Ronstadt1My spouse and I have always enjoyed the singing from this talented musical artist (the one on the right with the microphone) whose career has spanned more than 40 years. Her music is among the most vibrant and diverse from all singers — both from today and yesteryear.

This singer just completed writing her own memoir, and came to Washington DC’s national book festival to talk about her life and music, as well as to sign her book. There she…

…kept us fascinated and entertained by giving a 45-minute interview. My spouse, ever the shy soul, asked me to ask her a question during the “open mike” time. I was thrilled to be able to do that — last one in line called on.

DC09212013After the interview, we hustled over to stand in line to have her autograph her book. Unfortunately, she was not feeling well and ended the book signing abruptly. That was sad, but understandable considering her deteriorating health condition.

Why am I not saying the name of this singer? This blog sometimes gets ranked by search engines simply by writing the names of famous people. I didn’t want searches for her name to land here. So if you cannot recognize her face, listen to her music (this is a link).

I chose that song to which I linked because the question that I asked her was about that music and notes within it. Amazing that I got a five-minute answer to a 15-second question.

My spouse and I were thrilled and happy to see her, even though this will probably be the last time she goes out on a national tour since her illness has robbed her of being able to sing again. So sad.

Life is short: enjoy big city opportunities!