Boots in Flight

This post is about some amusing things I heard at my home airport in Maryland, aboard my flight, and after arrival yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, where I am leading a major event for my work.

I traveled comfortably, in a pair of Wranglers and Nocona Rattlesnake cowboy boots.

Here goes:

Arriving at the airport whilst checking in

  • [Airline agent inquired]: Do you have luggage to check? Why?
    because I can’t travel without at least one change of boots each day for the five days I will be there. [I think she actually believed me, but I couldn’t tell]
  • [a guy taking off his wing-tipped dress shoes in front of me asked]: Do you have to take your boots off to go through security like I do?
    No; I enjoy being wanded, frisked, and delayed
  • [kid with Mom] Mommy, what are those things on his feet?
    Honey, those are boots
    Mommy, where’s he going?
    I don’t know
    Do you think he is going to ride a horse?
    I don’t know
    Mister, [looking at my boots then at me] Are you going to ride a horse in Texas?
    Kid, thanks for noticing the boots. No, I’m going to ride a horse in Arizona.
    Oh! Wow!

Aboard the plane

  • [Flight attendant said:] Nice cowboy boots!
    Why thank ya’, ma’am!
  • [Woman on aisle seat in my row exclaimed:] Those are some boots!
    No, there are only two
  • [Sneaker-wearing guy waiting for the toilet asked:] Don’t those things (pointing to my boots) get hot?
    No, but they look hot!

Upon arrival in Phoenix

  • [Good looking young guy who sees me at baggage claim says:] Man, those a really cool boots! I’ve always wanted a pair of boots like that. Where did you get them? I got them from a cousin who owned a boot store in Oklahoma. I have seen them on-line for a decent price at [He smiles and says that he will get himself a pair.]

Welcome to Arizona!