Identify the Boots: Answers

This post is a follow-up to my “Identify the Boots” challenge posted on this blog yesterday. I asked you to guess the three models of two brands of boots worn by motor officers at a bike cop competition that I recently attended.

The first pair of boots, shown here, were most numerous because there were more cops from that police force than any other at this event. If you guessed dress instep Dehner patrol boots, you were right. Classic in design, form, and function, these boots look really good on a cop in uniform. These boots in this photo were worn by cops who come from a wealthy jurisdiction, and their boots show it. The boots aren’t cheap (even though the boot shafts are made of “Dehcord”) but have a commanding appearance that is hard to beat.

The next pair of boots are worn by many motor officers nowadays. These are a classic engineer boot (note the strap across the instep closing with a buckle). The boots have a thin plastic topcoat that gives them their name: “Hi-Shines.” Yep, if you guessed Chippewa Hi-Shines, you’re right. These boots are comfortable, well-made, and much (much!) less expensive than Dehner boots. These boots are leather lined and made of all leather (unlike stock Dehner boots.) I know from personal experience that these boots are very comfortable and can easily be worn all day long.

The third pair of boots have a bal-laced instep. If you look closely, you will see that the shafts crease a lot around the ankle, and have some more folds along the shaft. That shows that the material from which they are made is thin. While the material is indeed leather, the leather of these boots is thinner than competitor’s boots. Guess what they are yet? Okay, here goes: Chippewa Motor Patrol boots. These boots are about the same price as their “hi-shine” brothers. Unfortunately, the finish discolors (turns dull and grey) when exposed for any length of time to a hot motorcycle engine. Also, the soles are soft and often leave melt-marks on hot motorcycle pipes. These boots are chosen by some motor outfits because they have the same appearance as bal-laced Dehner boots, but cost half the price.

Well, I hope you enjoyed playing this bike cop boot guessing game. Join me for another booted cop adventure next Spring.