Homeward Bound via Post 1800

I successfully completed a rather intense series of meetings at a government facility on the West Coast of the United States. Friday, I am bound for home on a long but direct, non-stop flight. Thank goodness… soon I will be…

…home in the arms of the man I love. I can’t wait.

I enjoyed this trip. I worked hard, but the camaraderie among the professionals at my meeting kept things interesting and fun. It is tremendously satisfying to be appreciated for my long experience in my profession. I held the audience at full attention through many presentations, conversations, and discussions during the meeting for the parts of it that I facilitated.

Thursday night, I had dinner with a friend who I have known for over 25 years — and her partner. We had much to catch up on. I am grateful for having friends at almost every city across our beautiful country who I have met and worked with throughout my professional career. Best yet, I get to present this friend a top honor from our professional association at the association’s annual conference later this year. Small worlds!

This post also happens to be POST 1,800 on this blog! Wow — who woulda thunk? Writing so many posts since January, 2008. Some years I posted a new post every day, but the last two years, I am averaging a new post about every-other day. That is easier — it is hard sometimes to think of original content to write about. I know I ramble sometimes from boots to same-sex marriage to leather to my spouse to masculinity to life in the ol’ BHD household. Thank you for your loyalty in following my rambling thoughts all this time.

Onward: homeward bound!

Life is short: do your dance and then go home!