Non-Cop Motorcycle Escort

My spouse has not driven his own car for some 18 months due to a restriction placed upon him by his physician. His long-term illness caused severe dizzy spells that would occur without warning. He could not be behind the wheel of a car if one of those severe spells happened, or risk death of himself and others.

But his doc evaluated his condition again and authorized my spouse to drive if he wanted to since my spouse has been “spell-free” for over three months. So we planned a “re-orientation to driving” event of our own.

Naturally, my spouse was nervous. We decided that it would be best for me to ride an escort for him, rather than be in the car with him which would make him more nervous. We set out early on Saturday morning and headed out to the rural part of our county where there would be no traffic and my spouse could take his time. I led him as I would have led a motorcycle ride for my club. That way, I kept close in case my spouse needed me, but not in the car so my spouse could build confidence driving alone.

Giving my spouse a motorcycle escort gave me a great reason to enjoy my home state’s back roads and byways with corn as high as an elephant’s eye….

Leather and boots and cooler summer mornings… ah, great!CornAug2013Life is short: RIDE (and show those you love how you love them!)

One thought on “Non-Cop Motorcycle Escort

  1. Congrats to you both. Sounds as if the ailment that has bedeviled you is finally being tamed and beaten. I hope this is one sign among many to come that you and ‘hubby’ are going to be able to resume the routine such as you once enjoyed. Happy motoring!

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