Lug-Soled Chippewa Hi-Shine Engineer Boots

Chipshinelug28I was delighted that a boot retailer that I have liked to buy boots from offered Chippewa Hi-Shine (model 71418) boots with a Vibram 100 (“big lug”) sole. So many men have asked me, “does Chippewa make boots with lug soles?” and my answer has been, “no, sorry, they don’t.” Then they see my Chip Hi-Shine lug-soled boots and ask, “so how did you get yours?”


Boots66I asked then-owner of Stompers Boots, Mike, to have a Vibram 100 “big lug” sole added to a new pair of boots back in 2009. For an up-charge, I got the boots with these outstanding high-traction soles on them. I asked for this after seeing a cop wearing a pair of these boots (photo shown here) at an event in 2008. I really wanted a pair of these boots with lug soles, but they were not made by the manufacturer. However, my chosen boot retailer arranged to do that as a favor for me.

Now these boots are available for sale — to anyone! They credit me for inspiring this idea so many years ago.
ChiplugsstompersGo for it! Get your own pair of lug-soled Chippewa Hi-Shines like mine for yourself.

Life is short: wear sturdy lug-soled motorcycle boots!