Dehners are Dehners Not Dehner’s

Dehner (dāy-nur) Boots are very popular. I own eight pairs of these boots. I bought my first pair of Dehner Motorcycle Patrol Boots over 20 years ago, and acquired my more recent additions of Dehner Patrol Boots to my boot collection from some motor officers I know. (Please don’t ask me if they have more boots to sell or give away — they do not.)

This is a bit of a rant, once again, about apostrophe abuse. Just like I wrote once before, one does not add an apostrophe to make a word plural, particularly of a brand of boots.

If you have a pair of Dehner Boots, the short-hand reference is “Dehners.” NOT “Dehner’s.” Period, end-of-story. I am amazed that college-educated adults continue to add an apostrophe everywhere one does not belong. But then again, after reviewing hundreds of résumés from job applicants for an entry-level position, all of whom claimed to have graduated with a four-year degree from an accredited institution of higher education, I no longer anticipate that any younger person can spel or writ wurth a lik. They r so used 2 texting dat they hav forgotten hw 2 write a complete sentence wit appropriate spelling, grammar, nd punctuation.

If you would not write boot’s then you would not write Dehner’s or Wesco’s. The correct plural in English of these boot brands is Dehners or Wescos. Period, final end-of-story.

Life is short: spell it right!

One thought on “Dehners are Dehners Not Dehner’s

  1. That i's some nice rant's agains't (er… or is it again'st? Memorie's fade long after I finis'hed – Im (not I'm!!) s'ure 'bout this' one; had a s'pelling tes't on it – my four year degree in an accredited in's'titution of higher learning) apro'strophe's again's!


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