I Need a Vacation

As we call it in the United States — a vacation is the same as a holiday in other countries. Whatever you call it, I need one of those things. I was remarking to my boss, “I haven’t had a real vacation in a decade.”

His reply–

“Get out of here! Go have fun! Climb aboard that iron horse of yours and get lost!”

Well, the “get lost” part is the easiest of his suggestions for me to accomplish. The rest… not so much.

Okay, I have some vacation time coming to me, plus several days more of negotiated extra leave. I have some money in a savings account that I put away just for this purpose, so money isn’t an issue (within reason.)

However, there have been many reasons each of the past 10 years that I have not taken a vacation — caregiving for my uncle and aunt during the winters of their respective lives, and of my partner-now-spouse after surgeries and during severe illness, as well as a couple summers when I was “transitioning employment,” have kept me grounded close to home.

I have taken at least a week off work each of the past ten summers, and did a “staycation.” That is, I took off but stayed at home. I rode my Harley with some buddies, visited family, renovated houses, and built things. This year, however, I have been very busy with the construction project in our back yard, so the last thing I want to do during a week off is to do more of the same.

I have dreamed about climbing astride my Harley and taking off on some nice roads, see the scenery, get the bugs in my teeth… but two things are holding me back: 1) my spouse cannot ride with me (physical disability prevents that), and 2) I have to stop much more frequently and end the ride sooner than my local biker buddies will tolerate. As yet, I haven’t found a riding buddy who can put up with the slow pace and requirement for at least 8 hours of sleep each night that my chronic health condition requires.

I have thought about traveling somewhere, like to Australia, Italy, Hawaii, or even domestically, but the same physical disability that my spouse has which prevents him from riding as a passenger on my Harley is the same thing that prevents him from being able to be seated comfortably in an airline seat. So no flying anywhere. (And I will not go on a vacation without my spouse… not fair to him and I would miss him too much!)

I could, possibly, drive somewhere. Thing is, I get like a caged animal when I am confined behind the wheel of a car. I hate driving long distances. I would rather take another staycation and build a whole house than drive for hours and days.

Well… I am looking for somewhere to go within a relatively short driving distance that my spouse and I can go for a while to relax and not work. That’s right… NOT work. Me, BHD, NOT work. (I have to keep repeating that!)

Life is short: take a vacation!