Biker: Not!

I joined a charity motorcycle ride last Sunday. The ride is open to all — not just for Harley riders. But most of the motorcycles ridden to the event were Harleys. Anyway, I can’t say that some of these people will ever learn:

Boots are for Bikes
Shorts and Sneakers are for the gym
and flip-flops are for the trash.

Sheesh… see for yourself. Idiocy reigns supreme!

Darwin2013AIt is one thing that he does not care about his own safety, but it is also evident that he does not care about the safety and well-being of his passenger.

Life is short: wear sturdy over-the-ankle BOOTS and LONG PANTS when riding a motorcycle!

2 thoughts on “Biker: Not!

  1. I’m surprised he isn’t texting while driving too.

    Your buddy in nice black Sendras

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