How To Tie Bal-Laced Dehner Patrol Boots

I observe what people enter into search engines that drive them to my website and this blog. A frequent question or keywords entered are along the lines of “how do you tie or lace up bal-laced patrol boots?”

You want the laces to go straight across from eyelet to eyelet, meeting in the middle where they are tied together in a simple bow tie.

Some guys have made the process seem to be very difficult or complicated. Heck — for this guy who almost failed knots in Boy Scouts, I can do it. If I can do it, anyone can.

However, seeing pictures of the results works for some people. Seeing the process actually done in moving pictures — a video — will be more helpful to others.

This is the reason why I produced the following video and posted it on YouTube. Hope it helps!

Life is short: wear your boots!

The following is courtesy of the Dehner Boot Company website.