Positive Decision

I cannot explain why, or believe that I have to explain at all… but each morning when I rise, I sit at the edge of the bed for a moment, close my eyes, and say to myself:

“Today will be a positive, bright, productive, and great day.” I will my spirit through my faith to be happy and when faced with a choice, to choose the approach that is supportive and genuinely optimistic. I believe that despite the bad stuff, there is more good stuff in the world and it’s my plan to make good stuff happen.

Do I have bad times? Do I become angry with stupid things that people do? Have I been mistreated and dealt bad blows? Of course I have.

But each day it is a decision — a conscious decision — to keep focused on the bright side and not let the bad stuff get to me.

That is hard to do for someone as sensitive as I am. I admit, there are times when my feelings get hurt, I become disappointed or sad, and even times when I get angry. Rather than lash out in response to the negativity in my world, I consciously refocus my energy by asking myself, “How can we make this better? What can we do better? What else — more positive — can I do or think about to take my mind off this crappy stuff?”

This, loyal blog followers, is what I call my “reserve of faith.” My faith has nothing to do with God or organized religion. My faith is more personal, more spiritual — it defines and makes me the man I am.

When my spouse is not feeling well, when a senior pal is upset or lonely, when my boss has a bad day — I stop, close my eyes, and think “what can I do to make this better?” Admittedly, sometimes I need time to cool off, calm down, and chill. I have been known to “count to ten” more than once a day. But my reserve of faith always sees me through to be a brighter, more positive, more focused, and more directed guy.

Ultimately, I see it this way — each day I have to make one fundamental decision. That decision is, “will today be good?” I decide to make it so. Each day. One day at a time. Join me….

Life is short: have faith that today will be a good day and that you can make it be that way.

2 thoughts on “Positive Decision

  1. You nailed it — this is the description of your faith that I have never described adequately. I just “felt” it. Perhaps you are indeed a saint — just not beatified yet.

    I have always admired your enthusiasm and optimism, bro.

    Ore e sempre,


  2. That you recognize the need to regenerate the positive feeling throughout the day is also a good thing. You have faith and you respect what it is that you have been given. Beatification might have a tendency to “put a cap on things.” I have decided the pun is intended. Peace to you and yours. Ken

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