Home Renovation: Phase I Update

Last weekend was busy, as usual. I haven’t shown yet the most recent progress on the flooring project of our upstairs hallway. Here it is!

We are making slow but steady progress. The flooring goes down fairly easily. The only hitch I have run into is that occasionally a board must be nailed into place (to keep it from sliding) and the cheap Chinese-made nails I am using bend while being hammered into place.

Hammer? Whazzat? Don’t you use a nail gun?

Sure, I have a nail gun — a pretty good one, as a matter of fact. It nailed our house together. But it’s big, cumbersome, and heavy. If I have to nail one finishing nail every now-and-then, I will use a hammer instead of getting that big bulky thing out, making all that noise, etc.

The progress is slowed on our renovation work due to my partner’s health issues (resolved now) and some travel that takes me away for a few days. But it will get done… steady and surely.

Life is short: do your own renovations!