We’re Okay

(Photo source: wtop news)

Many around the world have heard that Washington’s Metro subway system had a horrible crash, which occurred on Monday, June 22, at 5:02pm local time. As of the time I am writing this blog post, it has been reported that nine people have died, with dozens more who were seriously injured. We do not know anyone among those who died or were injured, but our hearts and prayers go to them and their loved-ones.

I have received a number of telephone calls and emails from family and friends checking on me and my partner. Both of us are regular Metro red line users for our daily commutes to and from the city from our home in Maryland.

I was on the red line about an hour before the crash happened. My partner was about a half-hour behind me. It should be noted that the crash happened in the opposite direction from our travel.

We’re fine. Thanks much to my buddies from the BOL Board who, in particular, have been checking in. Despite some of the drama queens who inhabit that Board, most of the guys who use it are caring, thoughtful, gentlemen.

Our commutes today will be different — mine will be to an airport where I will begin a business trip down south. I dropped my partner off at the Metro station on the opposite side of the red line loop, which they say is running. They are still investigating the crash, and have closed the Metro red line in the crash area, which is between the station we ordinarily use and downtown.

I am deeply appreciative for the calls from my close friends and my siblings. I also am thankful for all the email — even from people who I have not had the pleasure of meeting in person yet. Goes to show that there are a lot of great people out there, who think of others and express their concern in thoughtful ways. That’s what life is all about: demonstrating that you care.

Life is short: show those you love that you love them.