Return of the Monsters

I am truly sad, upset, and angry by the evidence. Evidence of return of three ugly, nasty, awful yet invisible monsters.

What monsters?

Those three ugly little monsters that caused my fiance such distress all last year are back. Or shall I say, the evidence of return of serious physical symptoms caused by toxins produced by infections of those monsters. My beloved fiance… he is struggling once again to maintain the ability to function in daily life activities.

We both had such hope that since his symptoms abated in December, and his doc gave him a good report just a few weeks ago, that these bugs had been beaten. My fiance was slowly returning to “normal life.” He even began to drive his own car again. Perhaps not far, but at least he was getting out on his own, so he no longer felt confined to our home when I was at work and he was stuck in the house.

We knew, however, that medical research indicates that about 20% of the people who suffer from an infection by one or more of these organisms when they get beyond the blood-brain barrier can suffer a relapse. That’s what has happened.

Something must have triggered an outbreak and we’re trying to figure out why (but we may never know). The disease has returned with its symptoms causing fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, agitation, anxiety… all the works.

I have to credit my fiance’s doc. I called his office and left a message on Sunday morning. He called back quickly, then actually came to our house and spent an hour with us. The doc did a thorough exam, and spent quality time reassuring both of us. Not that the symptoms will go away instantly, but at least we feel better having had that discussion.

Yesterday, Monday, my fiance became a human pin cushion again. I had to take him to his doctor’s primary office to have blood drawn, provide urine and hair samples, and have some more exams using equipment the doc couldn’t carry with him in his bag. We won’t get test results back until later in the week. Meanwhile, his doc and I thoroughly reviewed the past treatment protocols and selected a plan for multi-antibiotic treatment which will be monitored and adjusted based on results of medical tests.


We WILL fix this — over MY dead body!

Life is short: show those you love how you love them each and every minute!

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  1. Faith, Strength, and a doctor compassionate enough to spend time with you on your own turf? I know you are grateful. Know, too, that there are thoughts and prayers out there for the two of you — and not just from those who bring attention to this fact.

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