Boots At Work — Ostrich Redux

Bikerharness08As I continued on my endeavor to wear each pair of boots in my cowboy boot collection and my motorcycle boot collection without repeating any, I realized that I own a lot of ostrich boots, so this week I wore ostrich boots again to work in my office — a different pair every day.

Note: all photos are from my photo collection on my computer, and were not taken at work with the clothes I was wearing.

Monday, 11 March
Weather: cloudy, mild, and dry. I rode my Harley to work! Boots: Custom black/burgundy Champion Attitude tall ostrich harness biker boots with lug sole. I wore dark blue khakis over the boots with a light blue shirt. I even put on a tie for my ride in to work — to block cold air going down my neck. But to prevent colleagues from having cardiac arrests, I removed the tie before I stepped into the office. (Didn’t want to scare them to death!)

I had these boots designed in the Spring of 2010. They are comfortable and good-looking, tall harness boots with an ostrich foot and leather shaft. The only thing I don’t like about Champion Attitude boots is that they are unlined and the leather is rather thin. Otherwise, the boots are comfortable and good-looking. Anyone say anything about the boots? No. The biker gear? Yep — lots of people said something when they saw my leather jacket hanging in my office — “cool jacket. Did you bring your bike today?” and then looked around my office as if I would park it in there. Giggle. Bikerharness09

Tuesday, 12 March
Weather: rainy, cool to cold in the afternoon. Boots: Vintage Black Cherry Lucchese Classic ostrich boots with a dark purple shirt and tan khakis, no tie. I bought these boots for only US$40 via eBay in 2007. I did not realize the treasure I received. These boots are at least 30 years old and are in excellent condition. I admit, I had forgotten about these boots on the shelf in my boot closet until I went on the hunt for ostrich boots this week. I will be wearing these boots more often — they’re darned comfortable!Lucostrich03

Wednesday, 13 March
SocksWeather: didn’t matter. I stayed home because a cold that I began to feel on Monday caused me to spike a 102-F fever. I felt like crap. Boots: none. I wore socks with fleece sweats and remained indoors all day. My gracious and loving fiance heated home-made chicken soup (that I made from scratch on Sunday) for lunch and prepared comfort food — spaghetti & my home-made marinara — for dinner. I appreciated having “the day off” from all responsibilities so I could rest, drink fluids, and concentrate on getting better.

Thursday, 14 March
Weather: cold, windy, sunny. Fever gone, I went back to work. Boots: Grey Lucchese 1883 ostrich cowboy boots with grey shirt, grey slacks, no tie. While the leather shaft of these boots is very soft (they flop over), they boots are quite comfortable. They look good with dress clothes. Anyone say anything about the boots? Nope.Lucanthracite02

Friday, 15 March
Weather: cold, wind abated, sunny. Still recovering from the cold, not feeling well enough to ride my Harley. Boots: traditional cognac ostrich cowboy boots with dark blue denim jeans over them and a bright green shirt (as St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on Sunday.) No tie. I am not one of those guys who wears silly St. Paddy’s ties.

I have owned these boots for 22 years. They remain classics and comfy. Usually, when one thinks of traditional ostrich cowboy boots, one thinks of them in this color. Anyone say anything about the contrast of a green shirt with orange boots? No — though there were a few comments on the shirt but that was just chit-chat about St. Patrick’s Day. Anyone say anything about the boots? YES! Two guys came up to me as I was leaving my office on my way home and asked where I got them. They were disappointed to find out that there are not any stores anywhere near where I work that sell boots like that.Mexost13

Life is short: wear boots to work!

4 thoughts on “Boots At Work — Ostrich Redux

  1. I just knew sooner or later you would spark interest at your office in boot wearing and from what you’ve written here, I see you are doing just that. You’re obviously the trend setter and fashion plate of your office, BHD. After you get them wearing boots, maybe then you’ll have them riding Harleys.

    • Sorry, Bill, I was not clear. The two guys who asked me about my boots were “random public” people who were on the sidewalk between my office and the parking garage — not employees in my agency. Sorry, still no interest in boot-wearing among my colleagues 🙁

  2. Great booted week. Love each pair of the week. Hope u are well again and ready for a new Boot week

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