Did You?

Today, did you:

  • Share a smile with someone you don’t know?
  • Show someone you love that you love them by doing something for her or with him?
  • Call or visit a parent, and say, “I love you”?
  • Let a sibling know that you love her, and care about him?
  • Send a birthday card to a loved-one?
  • Help someone learn something new?
  • Learn something new yourself?
  • Take pride in one of your own accomplishments?
  • Share joy in an accomplishment of someone else?
  • Ask for advice, then make a decision?
  • Do something to help someone less fortunate than you?
  • Manage your technology, instead of letting it manage you?
  • Wear your boots?
  • Thank God for being able to do these things?
  • SMILE?

Yep, all these actions add up to a healthy, happy, worthwhile life. Doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, tall or short, white or black, green or purple, employed or looking for a job. When you’re livin’ a good life as measured by how you act, the rest of the world is so much better with you being in it.

While I can’t call a parent since my Mom and Dad have died, they know what I’m doing; I’m sure of it. Here’s how I know: the cemetery where they were laid to rest is between the local home supplies store and the retirement community where I am doing my Senior Safety event today. As I left the building supplies store and drove past the cemetery yesterday evening, I was convinced my parents were sending a message. A ray of sun broke through dark, heavy clouds right over the cemetery and shone a path of brilliant light leading my way to the retirement community. It was eerie, yet stimulating. I knew, I just knew, that Mom and Dad were smiling. (Now you’re seeing the spiritual side of me).

Smile, have fun, share, help out, do something. After all–

Life is short: Make each day count.