Boots at Work–Ostrich Style

LegendarythumbI had a short work week this week, with Monday being a Federal Holiday. Continuing on my endeavor to wear each pair of boots in my cowboy boot collection and my motorcycle boot collection without repeating any, these are the boots I wore to my office this week — all ostrich!

Note: except for the picture on Wednesday, all other photos are from my photo collection at home, and were not taken at work with the clothes I was wearing.
Tuesday, 19 February
Weather: cold, some rain, sleet, and snow but no accumulation. Boots: Chippewa brown ostrich harness boots with light brown khaki pants, green shirt, no tie. The Vibram 430 minilug soles on the boots provided traction while walking on slick pavement to and from my truck parked in the garage.Chipost13

Wednesday, 20 February
Weather: cold but dry and sunny. Boots: Legendary black/blue tall ostrich cowboy boots. These handsome, custom-made boots were a gift from my partner that he gave to me in April, 2012. I wore them with navy slacks, dark purple shirt, no tie. These boots have 2-1/2 inch (6.3cm) heels, a whole inch (2.5cm) higher than I am accustomed to wearing. Tell ‘ya the truth, I’m not a guy for high heels. The boots are very comfortable, but I had to walk very carefully all day to avoid tripping. I have absolutely no idea how women (or some men) can wear high heels all day and not fall flat on their ass. Did anyone say anything about the boots? No, but two guys noticed that I appeared to be taller (smile.)

Thursday, 21 February
Weather: cold but dry and sunny. Boots: Tony Lama “Oryx” (light tan) traditional ostrich cowboy boots worn with dark navy dress slacks and blue pin-striped dress shirt — and even a tie for a couple hours where I had to attend a company-sponsored quarterly gathering at a local watering hole at the end of the work day. While I am not one to join yuppie “happy hour after-work” gatherings by choice, there are times when doing so is a must in the corporate culture (and especially that I like my job and my employer). When I showed up and the CEO noticed the boots, he called out to the rest of the gang, “this guy has style!” Then he brought me over to speak with another co-worker who was also wearing cowboy boots, as if by the mere fact that both of us were wearing boots, we therefore must have something to talk about. He’s a nice guy. I sipped my ginger ale and we talked about a project that we both were working on. 🙂

Friday, 22 February
Weather: cold and some spritzes of sleet and freezing precipitation in the afternoon. Boots: Short black Chippewa ostrich engineer boots that have a Vibram 700 Chevron sole. These boots are among three pair of ostrich skin boots that I own that have a solid Vibram sole that is useful when the pavement may be slick, and of course for motorcycling. Wore them with dark blue denim jeans and a blue collared shirt, no tie. Friday tends to be “jeans day” in the office, which is okay with me!
Chipostrichengineer04Life is short: wear boots to work!

3 thoughts on “Boots at Work–Ostrich Style

  1. BHD, you make a very persuasive case for exotic leather for boots. I haven’t always liked that sort of leather but your collection contains some really nice bootwear. I particularly like the Thursday and Friday choices of yours.

  2. I had to laugh about the Legendary boots and high heels… yes, they do take a bit of getting used to… but I LOVE wearing heels. The only pair I have that makes me feel a bit “wobbly” is a pair of Justins with heels that are almost 3″, but I still like them a lot.

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