Boot Collection At Work

LucpythonthumbNow becoming a weekly series, here are the boots that I wore to work this week, which continue to follow my self-promise to wear each pair of boots in my collection without repeating any of them, for the duration of the line of boots that both fit me and fit my work environment. (For example, I can’t wear muddy engineer boots to work in an office.)

I wear cowboy boots when I drive my four-wheeled vehicle in cold but dry weather, and motorcycle boots with soles that provide better traction on slick pavement when I drive my truck in wet and cold weather — and of course when I ride my Harley which hasn’t been much lately as the weather has been uncooperative.

So here are the boots I wore to work this past week:

Monday, 11 February

Weather: rainy in the morning, then warmed up for a mild yet damp afternoon. Boots: black Chippewa harness boots with navy khaki pants, blue dress shirt, no tie. Chipharness09

Tuesday, 12 February

Weather: dry and mild. No chances for leather-soled cowboy boots to slip on the slick pavers outside my office building. Boots: brown Lucchese cowboy boots with black leather wingtip inlays with tan khaki pants, purple dress shirt, no tie. Lucbrownwing02

Wednesday, 13 February

Weather: cool and dry. Boots: Brown Lucchese back-cut python cowboy boots with wheat khaki slacks, blue dress shirt, no tie. Anyone notice the boots and say anything? Yep, one guy who passed me in the hallway looked at my boots, then me, then my boots again, then said, “Really NICE boots!” Lucphython01

Thursday, 14 February

Weather: a little bit of rain and snow fell overnight, leaving untreated roadways and sidewalks slick. Boots: Black Double-H dual-use cowboy/biker boots. I chose these boots because they have Vibram mili-lug soles so I would have traction on slick pavement. They also went well with dark blue slacks and a red shirt worn for Valentine’s Day. Still no tie — I couldn’t bring myself to bear wearing a noose for no reason.DoubleH462010

Friday, 15 February

Weather: cool, cloudy, but dry. Boots: Justin Bent Rail Blue/Tan buckaroo boots, brown denim jeans, cowboy shirt, no tie (not even a bolo.) These boots look great with jeans and are very comfortable. Until I got on this kick to wear all of the boots in my collection one day at a time until I have worn every pair at least once, I admit, these comfy boots got relegated to a back shelf in the boot closet. Justinbentrail06

Different boots coming up on the weekend when I do a lot of construction and physical labor, as well as chase little old ladies through grocery stores.

Check back in about a week to see what boots I choose to wear to work next week! I guarantee, each pair will be different and not previously shown before in this blog-post series.

Life is short: wear boots!

3 thoughts on “Boot Collection At Work

  1. Snake is great!
    My fav this week is Wednesday – best boots I ever seen!

    Always love Friday and these boots are beauties

  2. Thank you again, BHD for sharing your collection with us. Your taste is impeccable. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few closeted bootmen at your office follow your example and start wearing their boots to work.


  3. Thank you for sharing your section about the boots you wore to work each day last week. I love to see all you of your nice boots and look forward to the ones in the future.

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