Uncharacteristically Dramatic

I posted on this blog yesterday to say that I do not think I would be making any more videos. After re-reading my post, and receiving several emails about it, I realized that what I wrote was uncharacteristically dramatic. Usually, I’m cool and calm, but I admit, there are times when my frustrations get the best of me.

My “new” perspective on videos is–

–yes, it is possible for me to use my laptop with Win7 OS on it and a stable copy of WMM to edit videos. It’s not as easy for me to use, since my klunky fingers sometimes strike the touchpad (that I cannot disable) and suddenly, my cursor moves elsewhere. That’s why I prefer a traditional desktop computer with a mouse, but as of now, I’m stuck with Win8 and unstable WMM on my desktop computer, so I can’t use it. (I really detest Win8 the more and more I deal with it.)

–yes, I realize I have done a “body of work” via video and probably have more to share. However, I went into “video hiatus” for a long time because I ran out of ideas of what to create for G-rated, BHD-channel videos. I remain open to suggestions, but while I have invited suggestions, I haven’t received many useful ideas so I quit asking.

–location is now a major issue. As I said yesterday, I like to do my videos at home. My fiance is home full-time now. The only time he leaves home is if I drive him (he still can’t drive yet for medical reasons). He has a very low opinion of videos, and does not support me making any. He won’t be the hunky cameraman. He just plain doesn’t want me to make any videos, so with this permanent change in my home life, it does not seem like I can do any more home-based videos again.

I am struggling to find alternatives to where and when I can make videos, but at this point, I do not know of any options. Video-making during the week is completely out. On occasional days that I work at home, my almost-spouse is home. Most days, I am in an office. After work, I go home, prepare dinner, then either attend community meetings or spend time with my almost-spouse, then go to bed by 8:30. Yeah, I’m not a nightowl, especially during the workweek.

Someone could invite me on a Saturday to come visit and make videos. Honestly, my weekends are really packed with taking care of our house and my rental properties, shuttling and doing repairs for my legion of senior pals, and of course, spending time with my almost-spouse. Then I work in the occasional motorcycle ride with my club. I don’t have time.

Anyway, pardon my drama which is unusual. Chalk it up to a rant about Microsoft and its latest assault on what-wasn’t-broke-that-they-thought-they-had-to-fix. I really don’t want a PC-based operating system to look and act like a tablet. If I wanted one of those things, I would have one. I don’t want one, and don’t want my PC to operate like one. Okay, enough ranting — just know that my opinion of Windows 8 is very low.

Now, back to blogging about boots, leather, masculinity, motorcycle riding, and so forth.

Life is short: adjust to life’s turns.