More Boot Related Internet Search Funnies

From time to time, I take a moment to review questions that people enter into a search engine about boots. Here are some of the latest funnies:

Is it okay to wear a cowboy without cowboy boots?
CowboywearA: No. Whenever you wear a cowboy, you and he (both) must wear cowboy boots. Period. Don’t be silly… wearing cowboys without boots. Come on!

Wearing a cowboy with suit
Funny4A: well, if you must wear a cowboy, you can wear one with a suit… or not. Your choice. For more information, see above.

Gay dress shoes or boots and what size foot are you?
Funny2A: I wear a US size 10D boot, thank you. But sorry, none of my boots are gay. They’re all straight, from the shafts to the foot, and I have never observed them making out with each other. And you’ll never catch me in those gay dress shoes. I never would want to be associated with the words, “dress shoes.” Bleccch.

Are cowboy boats in for men?
Funny3A: No. The cowboy fleet is out. Meanwhile, wear cowboy boots because boots are definitely “in” for men.

Wearing pants over boots or under guy
Funny5A: Most guys wear pants over boots. It can be embarrassing to wear pants under guys. Just sayin’.

What do you wear under boots men?
Funny6A: Well, men, there’s this nifty invention called socks. You should try ’em out.

Life is short: wear boots, not cowboys or boats.