The Working World

I had forgotten what it is like to work in an environment where the boss respects you and your skills. I just started my new job back with an agency where I worked before. I have a new boss who asked a lot of people about me before I started work, and apparently liked what he heard.

Within the first hour of arrival at my new office, …

…and as I was filling out yet another raft of forms to update my security clearance, I was asked to attend, then facilitate, a meeting. Refreshing — not be stuck in a corner taking notes, but asked not only for my thoughts and opinions, but to engage everyone else in a fruitful discussion.

Then I was asked about my availability to facilitate another meeting on behalf of the agency — on the West Coast of the U.S. — next week! Wow! A boss who is not afraid of making decisions, relying on his staff, and employing skills quickly. I know they said that they wanted me to work for them quickly, but it is amazing to me how quickly I have been pulled into decisive work.

Not everything is hunky dory, but it is far better than what I was doing before. Let’s just hope it continues for a while.

Funny how things change … my fiance retires and I jump back into the working world in an active leadership position.

Life is short: go with the flow, and be the leader you are.