Where I Am and Transitions

DCMall2013This photo was taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station. It features the core of downtown Washington, DC, with the Potomac River on the lower left, and the U.S. Capitol in the middle, facing “the mall” and north up Pennsylvania Avenue where festivities of today will be celebrated.

Am I there for today’s ceremonial Presidential inaugural festivities?

No, I am not. The only President I saw sworn into office in person was John F. Kennedy in 1961. And I was just a little kid, and don’t remember much about it except for the stories that my older siblings and parents told us over the years. I have no interest in attending these events, especially since 2001 when security in DC became so tight that it ruined the open, free atmosphere we once enjoyed. I understand why they need to do that, sadly.

I am about to embark on some major transitions in the ol’ BHD household. I begin another chapter in my regular full-time work career tomorrow, and will give my every ounce of energy and attention to it. I will be working in an office in the downtown of my hometown, wearing my classy dress cowboy boots and nice clothes (thankfully, I don’t have to wear a necktie or a suit. Blecch.)

This is the last week that my fiance will be working in his job. Yep, after 39 years, he’s finally hanging it up, and retiring on Friday. So as I return to working in an office out-of-the-house, he will start a new stage in his life of always being home. He declined an offer by his boss to have a retirement party. He just wants to get out of there and never see his co-workers again.

Due to these transitions, my personal time will be much more limited. I probably will not be updating my website very much … no new boots or leather anyway, so not much updating to do. I will try to keep blogging, but probably back to the every-other-day cycle. My fiance doesn’t like me spending time on the computer when we are together, and I do not do personal things like blogging when at work — so that is why I say that my time will be very limited.

I am excited about returning to gainful full-time employment in the field where I have an international reputation, but whose jobs are really hard to find. I am also very happy that I will not have to commute too far.

Now, I will be working against the curse beset upon me by a Harley riding buddy who lives in the Great White North who wasn’t all too happy seeing me riding my Harley in January. He sent (to me, personally), an arctic cold front, which will make the high for daytime temperatures below freezing for the remainder of this week.

I want the weather to temper so I can ride my Harley to work again. Not only because I enjoy riding, but also, admittedly, I’m cheap. I can park my Harley for free, while the cost of parking for my truck is about equal to the cost of commuting by Metro. Either way, I’d rather be on my bike.

Life is short: wish us well as we go through these life transitions!

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  1. Best wishes to you and your fiance as you both start those new eras in your lives. I think you’ll both find great satisfaction with the changes you’ve made and may you both find them to be very beneficial. If/when you speak with your friend in the Great White North who sent down upon us the curse of the freezing temps that are also being felt in the metro-Big Apple area, please ask that the next time he does so, he refrain from including New York City in his target area. “It t’aint funny, McGee.”

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