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SydneydreamnyAs 2012 draws to a close, I am quite thankful, actually. 2012 was a pretty bad year for me. 2013 will be better. It has to be.

Readers of this blog know that my partner/fiance was seriously ill all year, and caring for him became my number one priority. He is not fully recovered, but is better than he was when the symptoms of his illness were at their peak from March through October (yeah, that long).

Other things in my life were rather crappy, too, and my family and close friends know about those things. There are issues that I choose not to write about on this blog. Suffice it to say, overall — 2012 was a crappy year and I am glad that it will end.

I have these plans for 2013 to make that year one of the better years of my life:

1. Marry the man I have loved since April 25, 1993. Yep, on our 20th anniversary, I’ll finally make our relationship legal in our state.

2. Change jobs.

3. My fiance will retire after 39 years of service to Uncle Sam. So deserved. Relief from the pressure of his dysfunctional working environment and awful boss will ease his mind, relieve tension, reduce anxiety, and (hopefully) make him more relaxed and not consumed with worry about “what will they do next to screw me?”

4. Go for some more motorcycle rides for pleasure. I was not able to ride that much in 2012 since I had to stay at home caring for my fiance. I think when his burden of work is off his shoulders, his health will improve dramatically, so I can have more time to ride.

5. Change jobs.

6. Thin the herd. That is, seriously go through my entire boot collection and sell more pairs that I do not or cannot wear. (Please do not go through my website and pick-and-choose what you want. I will make my own decisions, thank you.)

7. Actually go somewhere on vacation with my spouse (by then, he will be my spouse.) We have not been anywhere out-of-town together since 2007. It is about time! While he still refuses to try to fly in an airplane since sitting in such confined seating causes severe pain, there ARE locations that we can get to by driving.

8. Change jobs.

I dunno, there are probably more things on my list that I cannot think of right now. Oh, did I mention, “change jobs” more than once? Yeah, that’s a major priority for myself in 2013. Wish me luck in this tight job market.

I hope you had a much better 2012 than I did, and that 2013 brings you peace, happiness, joy, and many smiles. Happy New Year!

Life is short: look forward, not back.

4 thoughts on “Year Transition

  1. I know how bad 2012 has been for you and your partner. My wish for you is what you want — better opportunities and better health. Perhaps you should write that book or books you have been talking about. You have so much research and are so skilled, you probably could dash off a 1.000-page tome in a week. Perhaps two.

    My wife and I definitely look forward to seeing you guys in April when you marry. And whether you like it or not, all of your siblings will carry you guys to a celebration, kicking and screaming if you must — but know that we all love you immensely.

    You have explained that you know or hear from other gay men who are not accepted, or actively rejected, by their respective families. You know very well this is not the case with our family. We all love you and your fiance very much.

    Buon anno! Ore e sempre,


  2. I am sorry to read that 2012 was such a rough year for you. I have been told that “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” and I am sure that you have emerged as a stronger person after everything that you have had to go through this year. From looking at your list, I can see that 2013 will be a much better year for you. I wish you and the fiance nothing but the best in your upcoming wedding in 2013.

  3. Happy New Year to you and your fiancé as well as to all of your readers!

    From your blog, I agree with you that 2013 will have to be a better year for you than 2012 was and I wish that for you both. I hope you are able to make a very successful transition into a new work position; that you will continue to see and measure improvement in your fiancĂ©’s health, that he can successfully move on from his current position into whatsoever he may desire and that you will be able to enjoy a great many more motorcycle rides than in the past year.

    Although 2012 may not have been one of your favorite years, I do hope you are able to sit back and find highlights to relish. For me, it was neither an outstandingly good nor outstandingly bad year but I did discover your blog and that was a plus. So to you I say ‘thank you’ for your blog during the past year and for providing me and others with entertainment and enlightenment during that time. I look forward to continue to be amongst your most faithful readers in 2013. May the positive benefit you conferred on others by writing your entries flow back to you and your partner a thousandfold increased.

    Happy New Year and best wishes now and in the future!

  4. May this year bring you so much joy and happiness that the thoughts of 2012 become a distant memory!

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