Unexpected Ride!

I had thought that it would have taken all day on Friday to clean up after our Thanksgiving event, but my family and a few senior pals did such a good job, all I had to do was take 14 garbage bags to the transfer station (what we call “the dump”), and that was it.

The forecast for Friday was 60°F (15.5°C), while the ongoing forecast was for the bottom to drop out of the thermometer in the evening.

I gave “one of those looks” to my fiance, and he said, “go get your leathers on and go for a ride!”

Yippie! Not having any interest in being anywhere near stores, as I am not one of those “black Friday” shoppers, I decided to ride out to a place where I know some of the members of my motorcycle club hang out, and see if anyone were there. Sure enough, a half-dozen guys were there. I suggested that we go for a ride. Everyone wanted to go!
I took the sweep position — the last in the pack — put my boots up on the highway pegs, sat back, and enjoyed a great impromptu ride on Maryland’s backroads and byways to nowhere.

Great unexpected time out, to ride for a few hours on an unusually pleasant day.

Once again, I share this particularly for my buddy who has put his bike up in storage since he lives in the Great White North. I’ll ride all winter on days when it’s bearable. Friday was especially nice (ride vicariously with me, S).

Life is short: make the best of good weather and some free time!

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