Weekend: Bringing Happiness to My Fiance

This past year has been difficult, with my partner being so ill that almost every day, we could not do very much and I stood by his side, trying to help. Now it is one year after his first frightening symptoms appeared. He is slowly improving, and I am delighted that this past weekend, we had two good days in a row, where we had fun! You read about Saturday, where our “fun” was doing chores around the house, helping friends with grocery shopping, then getting some time for me to go for a ride on my Harley.

Sunday was a great day, too. It began, as we usually begin, with a warm, lazy snuggle while watching dawn break on the trees in the forest behind our house. It never ceases to amaze us how lovely this sight is to behold as the early red color of sunrise transforms to a bright gold contrasted against the dark grey bark of the trees.

Hopping out of bed, I put on what was at-hand: a pair of leather jeans, flannel shirt, and a pair of Chippewa Firefighter boots. The phone rang — at 7am? “Hello? You what?” … a senior pal wanted to go to the only Latin Mass in our area, which begins at 8am. My fiance was feeling pretty good, and said, “let’s go!” So off we went. Yes, I was wearing leather jeans and firefighter boots. In church. Formal Roman Catholic “old-school” church. NBD. I enjoy listening to the Latin Mass, though I really wish the priest wouldn’t mumble. (giggle.)

After the service, we took our senior friend to the grocery store, and stocked up ourselves. Following my fiance’s matching-coupons-with-sales, we saved 62%, according to the store receipt. Creative savings like this boosts my fiance’s spirits. He loves to wrangle good bargains on groceries that we need and ordinarily buy. We dropped off our friend and came home.

When we put away the groceries, it wasn’t even 10am yet. My motorcycle club had a ride at 11am, and I was thinking of joining it. But then I got to thinking, since my fiance is feeling so good, why don’t we do something he wants to do together? Sure, I would enjoy a ride, but I would enjoy sharing joy with my fiance even more. “What would you like to do today?”

“Let’s go to the Trolley Museum,” he suggests. Sure! “But they don’t open until noon. Meanwhile, let’s mow the lawn.”


We are planning to have over 100 people join us on Thanksgiving, so a quick mow will clean up the leaves and make the place look good. I have to say, though, the “let’s” part of the equation is that my fiance watches while I mow. He still fatigues easily. And it’s no big deal to mow the little bit of grass that we have anyway. I changed from leather jeans to denim jeans, put on my Timberland work boots, and dispatched the lawn mowing in a half-hour.

After grabbing a quick shower, we had a small lunch, and took off for the Trolley Museum. I was wearing denim jeans, flannel shirt, and my White’s Nomad engineer boots. The museum is small and quaint, but it is in the neighborhood and we like to support it. We took a ride on a tram car imported from The Hague, Netherlands, and walked around to see other trolley cars on display. It was a nice way to spend a couple hours together, especially when I see how much my fiance enjoys it.

We got home rather early, and seeing that my fiance was still feeling quite good, I suggested, “let’s make fresh pasta for dinner.” He loves it when we do that… so I got out the ingredients (which are simple — flour, eggs, olive oil) and got to work. With the help of a food processor, the pasta dough was ready, and after it rested for the requisite half-hour, I got out the mixer, attached the pasta roller, and made long strips of pasta. I then replaced the pasta roller with a spaghetti cutter attachment, and soon enough, fresh long strands of spaghetti were coming out. I prepared some fresh meatballs, heated up some of my marinara, and brought a huge pot of salted water to a rumbling boil. Put in the fresh pasta and five minutes later, we had a great home-cooked meal of “comfort food.”

After cleaning the kitchen, my fiance and I retired to our living room, and turned on the (digital player) piano to listen to some of our favorite tunes. I settled back, nestled in his arms, and was at peace. By the expression on my fiance’s face, I can say with certainty, he had a great day, too.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them.