Homeward Bound

I am still in a U.S. Southern State, speaking at and attending a conference of my professional association. I have kept in touch by phone with my partner. He and my sister who is staying with him are fine — they didn’t even lose power (amazing, considering how bad our power company is.)

The recent severe storm has come and gone. I am grateful that our preparedness actions paid off. The trees in the old-growth forest behind our house are still standing, though from what I hear, are now mostly leafless. I am very happy that I had a tree trimming company strategically thin branches and remove dead limbs from the trees in our forest in May, so when the storms of June and October occurred, wind could blow through them more easily and not be blown down.

I have checked in with many members of my family who live in the storm-ravaged areas of New York. Our family network has confirmed that everyone is okay, though some of them have suffered property damage. But all-in-all, it could have been worse and we are grateful that it was not.

Meanwhile, down here at the conference, I have been booted and wearing leather…

Well, to be honest, most of the time I am wearing regular business casual attire with cowboy boots… more on the leather below.

I am working with and sharing ideas with many colleagues, learning a lot, and contributing to the conference activities in a positive way. After the long conference days are over, I have dinner then return to my hotel room, check the ‘net for news and information, then hit the sack early. I am not the out-of-town conference-going “party hardy after” guy.

I was very happy that a very close-in-heart cousin came to pick me up and take me to dinner last night. She and I are as close as siblings, and I love her very much. It was wonderful to see her, even so briefly.

Today (October 31, Halloween), conference leaders were encouraged to wear a costume. Well… okay. So I will be presenting from the podium at a plenary (large group) session in a pair of leather jeans and boots — my costume? “breast cancer awareness supporting biker” because I wore a pink shirt with dress leather pants.

I fly home later today (hopefully). Like many other localities, our home area is postponing Halloween trick-or-treating until next week sometime. That’s great, as my partner won’t answer the door and I won’t be home until late.

Wish me safe travels. See you later!

Life is short: live safely!