Best Time to Wear Cowboy Boots and Jeans

Yep, another amusing internet search — six of the same question within 24 hours — “What is the best time to wear cowboy boots and jeans?”

Really? Who has to ask the internet this question? And six separate people from Texas, California, Oklahoma, Poland, Australia, and Guam?

In my unfailing quest to inform those who seek elusive answers, here goes–

When is the best time to wear cowboy boots and jeans?

A. Any time of day or night, as long as you’re not in bed sleeping. (Boots mess up the sheets.)

B. When you’re not wearing leather. If wearing leather, then wear leather and boots — unless you wear leather jeans, in which case, if you wear cowboy boots with leather jeans, you’re already dressed that way.

C. When you are not riding a motorcycle. Traditional cowboy boots don’t belong on a motorcycle due to the smooth soles that provide no traction. But if you have cowboy boots that have a rubber or lug sole, then fergit this advice.

D. If you’re man enough. Yeah, unfortunately, there are a number of guys who are afraid — downright fearful — of what other people may say or form an opinion about them based on what they wear. So if you are among those who fear being called a cowboy or being asked where your horse is, then put your boots up for sale on eBay, donate your jeans to Goodwill, and put on sneakers and shorts and look like a frump. You don’t deserve to look like a secure, confident, guy in boots and jeans.

Summary —

When is the best time to wear jeans and cowboy boots? ANYTIME!

Life is short: be confident and wear cowboy boots, jeans, stand tall and smile!