Talented Great Nephew in Boots

My great nephew who I helped buy boots to wear to high school this year is not the only great nephew I have who likes to wear boots. I have a number of great nieces and nephews — children of my 59 nieces and nephews. (I told ‘ya that I had a large family!)

Here’s one of my highly talented GN’s performing at a club in boots.

GN is the one in the middle playing guitar. He can play guitar, keyboard, and almost any other stringed instrument. He sings beautifully, too. I really wonder if we are related (giggle). He must have gotten that talent from another side of his family; surely not mine. (I love his grandfather, my brother, but neither of us can sing or play an instrument.)

Notice the boots GN is wearing? Lucchese Classics. Great taste! And I didn’t have a thing to do with it. He found them on his own. Photo courtesy of, where else, Facebook. (I would have no idea what my family is doing without that thing.)

Life is short: love your family!

2 thoughts on “Talented Great Nephew in Boots

  1. You’re quite lucky. You have a good looking great-nephew, he’s talented and likes music. What more can you ask for? What kind of music does his band/group perform? Are they into rock? Heavy metal? Country? Folk?

    • Bill, I’m not quite sure what kind of music his group plays, as I have not heard them perform. He doesn’t live near me.

      I have heard him play at family gatherings, and he has eclectic interests. He can play anything.

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