Cowboy Biker Boots

Someone wrote to me to ask my opinion about a pair of Double H “western work boots” (model 4620). These boots have the cowboy boot appearance, but an honest-to-goodness Vibram 430 minilug sole. This is the type of sole used frequently on boots worn by motorcycle police officers, and are on many pairs of my traditional motorcycle boots.

I replied at the time with a non-committal answer, because I did not own a pair and did not know much about them. To be honest, my opinion of Double H boots has been mixed. I have a pair of traditional motorcycle harness boots made by Double H, and have been disappointed. Those boots have a more narrow shaft that any other harness boots that I have and do not appear to be made as well as others, such as those made by Chippewa.

I began looking around, did some research, and price comparison shopping on-line (I have no local stores that carry Double H boots). I found these Double H western work boots on sale for what I thought was a ridiculously low price, so I bought them. I thought to myself, “at that price, I am probably getting what I paid for and will find that the boots are as cheaply made as the harness boots.”

I was wrong.

The boots arrived rather quickly. They are stiff and quite solid. The sole is perfect for motorcycling. But being busy, I didn’t do much other than put them on for pics for my website. Yesterday, however, I put them to the full test. I wore them most of the day, and went about my business for a busy day which included running many errands using my Harley as my means of transportation, getting my hair chopped off, and attending another family birthday party way up north of me (about 45 miles.)

At first the stiffness of the boots made them feel hard to wear. But they broken in as I walked in them. Within a few hours, they became comfortable to wear. They look good, and performed well as I maneuvered my Harley into and out of parking places and at traffic signals.

Overall, these are very decent boots for the price, and a good value. So if you are looking for a pair of boots that have a cowboy boot appearance yet are suitable for wear to ride a motorcycle, and also are inexpensive, these Double H model 4620 western work boots are a good choice.

Life is short: wear boots when riding a motorcycle!

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  1. Those boots look nice enough so that perhaps you ought to write, “Life is short: wear boots like these all the time!”

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