Sunshine on Cops

On Saturday, I was fortunate enough to serve as a judge again for the largest police motorcycle riding competition in the United States (so I’m told). This year, it was held 70 miles south of where I live. It was a long ride down there, but I rode with skilled riders from my club, who also served as judges. Got there safely in 90 minutes.

Over the next few days, I will write about this event and share some photos. It will take me a while to crop and edit the pictures that I took to post them in the cop gallery on my website. When the gallery is completed, I will announce it here.

It was nice to meet a regular visitor of this blog who came all the way from Seattle to vacation on the East Coast, including spending a day at this event. He and I have exchanged several email messages. It is wonderful to put a face with a name.

I also met another regular reader of this blog with whom I had not communicated before. A cop from a Virginia PD came up to me and said, “are you that booted dude guy?” Not quite knowing what that was about, I asked, “what do you mean?” To that he replied, “I read your blog. It’s informative. And that Guide to Motorcycle Police Patrol Boots is awesome!” Seriously, a cop told me that he thought my guide about police boots was awesome. Wow! (Nice cop, too. We had a great conversation about his work.)

It was a great event. Very well-organized and efficiently run. There were fewer entrants this year than in years past, and no one knows quite why. Oh well, it was great for those who were able to participate. These cops have riding skills that are — in a word — awesome!

Life is short: enjoy awesomeness!

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  1. man u are awesome i just love these boots n wanna wear them from where i can get those cop boots?

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