Great Nephew Says: “Boots are Cool!”

One of my great nephews started high school this year, and before he went to school, he asked me to help him find a pair of boots to wear to school. On our shopping adventure, he ended up getting two pairs of boots — one pair of black Chippewa harness boots and a pair of distressed brown Justin regular cowboy boots.

Is he wearing his boots to school? What does he think about them?

I saw GN at a family birthday party this past Sunday. He was wearing his Justin cowboy boots with a pair of jeans. He looked great. What’s more — he looked confident. I cannot quite describe it, but he seemed relaxed, positive, and secure. All because of a pair of boots?

I have to say, he looked so much better than what most other males in the family we wearing (I shan’t say the name of the non-footwear they were wearing with shorts.)

We spoke for a while. He told me that he wore his Chippewa harness boots on the first 3 days of school. He admitted, at first, he was concerned about what others might say. But a few girls he knows complimented the boots (and him). That made him feel better. He said that a few other guys noticed the girls noticing the boots, but didn’t say anything.

He wore the cowboy boots to school last Friday. He told me that one guy asked him, “where’s your horse?” I prepared him for that, and he retorted as I had prepared him, “he’s out in the parking lot next to the old gray clunker. I have to remember to go feed him at lunch.” That kind of remark eased the tension, showed that he can laugh at a silly remark without taking it personally.

He said that many guys have been noticing the boots, and that he enjoys wearing something different. He said that the boots are comfortable. He was afraid that they wouldn’t be easy to break in and his Mom made him bring a pair of sneakers “just in case.” But he only wore the sneakers in gym class — IMHO, the only place sneakers belong — in a gym.

I sat back at the birthday party and watched my great nephew move around, interact with other family, play with the little ones and the dog. He seemed to be graceful, happy, and walked with sort of a swagger. I can’t really describe it — but much more comfortable in boots than I thought he might have been.

Overall, the “boot experience” for my great nephew has been successful. Who knows, he might just get another pair for Christmas (knowing smile.)

Now, if I can only convince his Dad not to be so against boots. He told me, “you wouldn’t catch me wearing those things.” That’s okay, I think your son is mature enough now to make his own decisions. And look at that smile on his face. It tells all.

Life is short: wear boots!

3 thoughts on “Great Nephew Says: “Boots are Cool!”

  1. Congrats to your nephew on his first day of high school and for wearing boots to classes. He’s on his way to discovering what a great type of footwear boots can be. And of course congrats to you for helping him get there. It’s great he has a ‘great’ uncle to guide him along the way.

    So will your next goal to help him choose a suitable Harley? I seem to remember from your description of the boot shopping event that you gave him a ride to and from the boot store on your hog and that he liked it alot and you both impressed his friends who saw him wearing his boots on the back of his uncle’s bike. Maybe you, your twin brother and your nephew will be able to start your own familial H.O.G. chapter in suburban Maryland?

    • Bill, thanks for your kind words. I am “not going there” with a discussion about motorcycles with the parents of a kid who doesn’t even have a driver’s license yet. 🙂

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