White Socks with Cowboy Boots

Someone from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, asked via a search engine, “is wearing white socks in cowboy boots wrong?”


Of course not. Who can see your socks when wearing boots the way most guys wear cowboy boots with jeans or pants over them?

Unless this question was entered by a female, who may wear a skirt or blouse with cow “girl” boots… then there could be a legitimate concern about socks being visible with boots. But since the question was specifically about cow “boy” boots, then I think the assumption that the questioner was male is correct. (You won’t believe how many “cowgirl boots” questions I see!)

For more information about socks to wear with boots, see this post.

That’s all….

Life is short: wear socks with boots. Color doesn’t matter.

One thought on “White Socks with Cowboy Boots

  1. I’ve found that the color can make a difference when heat or cold weather is concerned. I used to have a drawer full of black socks, for all occasions. No white, ever. Decades ago (that long?) the only option was tube socks which I hated. Then I was out of the country in 104 degree heat (Haiti) and found having fitted white socks with my boots was cooler. Though I live in the cooler NC mountains, I find that white socks under my boots when on the Harley are more comfortable when there is heat coming up from the pavement.

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