Sixth and Cruise

Yesterday I rode my Harley “down” to my brother’s home between the South River and the West River near Annapolis, Maryland, our home state. Great ride with bright sunshine and little traffic. I kicked the Harley up to sixth gear, engaged the cruise control, put my Chippewa Firefighter boots up on the highway pegs, sat back comfortably against my backrest, and cruised for an hour. Soon enough, I had arrived.

My twin great nephews were having their first birthday party, and I enjoyed sharing their joy (and cake!) with them, their parents, and their grandparents (my brother being the granddad.)

Great “time out” for a Sunday. Back to work today… but joy and smiles from this visit will last a long time.

Life is short: show your family how you love them.

3 thoughts on “Sixth and Cruise

  1. So I understand you were the only uncle invited, because they wanted to keep it small, and not overwhelm the twins. How lucky you are. You really demonstrate in many ways how you love us, your family. We love you (and your partner) very much right back at ya!

    Ore e sempre,


  2. How in the heck did you take that picture whilst crossing the South River Bridge? I recognize the location. Great shot of your new snazzy-shiny boots!

    • Mounted a still camera on my left rear saddlebag, and used a remote which I was able to put up next to my left hand by the radio. Works like a charm (though I can’t do video because of the vibration.)

      Thanks for noticing, J. And I love you (and your wife) right back! Always and forever,

      Your big/little bother

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