Does A Choice of Clothing Dishonor a Wedding Couple?

I was reading replies to a “boots on line” post about — once again — what style of boots to wear to attend a wedding in a formal setting. I replied with my usual, “get over it; dress cowboy boots with a suit look fine; no one will notice or pay attention.”

There was one reply to the overall message, though, that caught my attention. It said, “a wedding in a hotel is likely to be more formal and it is nice to not dishonor the happy couple by dressing too informal for the setting of their wedding.”

The full context of the message from this person was that he has attended weddings in locations that were much more casual, and the wedding party and guests were dressed informally.

My opinion?

Yes, I agree that for an occasion where men dress in suits to attend, that “informal” boots like motorcycle engineer boots, muddy work boots, and the like are not a good choice. But I do not think whatsoever that wearing boots is “dressing down”. There are some very nice-looking, quality, dressy boots available on the market that are (again, my opinion) much nicer looking than dress shoes. But then again, I don’t think any dress shoes look good, but I realize that I am quite the minority in thinking that way. (I hate shoes… bleccch. But then again, I don’t like wedding fall-de-roll, either.)

I do not think that wearing well-shined boots in a subdued color (black, brown, or black cherry) with dress clothes to a wedding in any way dishonors the wedding couple. Honestly, no one will notice. Or if they do, it may be someone who knows you and is bringing up your boots as an opener for a conversation. The easiest way to deal with that is what I do, “thanks for the compliment. I like these boots a lot.” Period. End-of-story.

I have to come clean about why I detest wedding receptions. Besides some guests putting on airs and being pretentious (which has happened at many of my family’s weddings over the years), the main reason why I don’t like wedding receptions is that most of them include dancing, and I am not a dancer.

I can’t stand dancing. At wedding receptions that I have attended, I have made a polite but gracious exit when the music strikes up for dancing. I realize, though, that some guys do dance and some guys even say they enjoy it. Guys who dance may have concerns about dancing in boots. You can fix that by choosing boots with lower heels, so if you’re like me, you won’t trip over yourself. Dress ropers will work in that case, as shown above, left. I defy anyone to tell that these are boots by superficial exam. Granted, I don’t wear the cowboy hat (giggle).

Weddings should be for the happy couple, and relief for their parents, and give them the time to be recognized and wished well. Who cares what’s on your feet? You. Get over it. Wear boots and enjoy the wedding.

Life is short: wear boots.

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  1. If you had not worn your boots in my wedding, I would have had you arrested as an imposter for my twin brother.

    Ore e sempre,


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