Partner Update

It has been a while since I have blogged about my partner’s long-term recovery from the consequences of contracting a disease from a tick bite. His illness has been extraordinarily challenging for him, and for me as his primary caregiver, best friend, confidant, and health care advocate.

I am happy to report that due to persistence in seeking resolution to his illness, and credit to his primary care physician who has taken on his case directly, despite not having advanced training with infectious disease, my partner is showing some improvement.

I have learned these things during the past six months:

  • Different medical specialists will advise vastly different approaches to the problem; there is no simple solution or “quick-fix.”
  • Listening to nuances of changes of descriptive information about how Partner is feeling, as well as direct observation of his behavior, is critical.
  • I may have my opinions about what he needs to do in his next course of treatment, but he is the one who is sick, so he makes the decisions. I make sure he has all the information required to make an informed decision. But whatever he decides, I support his decision and him. It’s not about me being right. It’s about him getting well.
  • Change in diet helps significantly. No gluten (such as from breads). No refined sugar. No salt. What’s left? Tasteless rabbit food.
  • Do NOT believe what you read on the Internet.
  • How the partner feels at this hour will be different an hour from now.
  • Patience, patience, patience is an absolute “must”. Partner will react and respond sometimes in very challenging ways.
  • If mountain-building from mole hills should ever become an Olympic sport, my partner would earn a gold medal. (Also a very unfortunate symptom of this strange disease).
  • Do NOT believe what you read on the Internet.
  • Partner will change his mind. Often. Just go with the flow. (This is a symptom of this illness).
  • Partner will not remember what we discussed or what doctors tell him verbally. Taking notes is critically important. Write everything down–even if you said it yourself! (This disease plays with the head, and causes significant forgetfulness.)
  • Do NOT believe what you read on the Internet.

My partner is getting better, but there’s still a long way to go. He still tires quickly, and becomes irritable when he is fatigued. He is often grouchy and grumpy, but I can get him to laugh now, which is far better than before. His smile, sense of humor, dry wit, and warm embraces have returned. Yea!

Life is short: persistently and patiently show the one you love how you love him.

3 thoughts on “Partner Update

  1. Roller Coasters. That’s what the experience is of making your Partner happy not grouchy, decisive not “at sea,” and loving at all times. You have Italian blood flowing in those veins so you MUST create love and laughter. You just “got to.” Patience is not an easy thing for everyone — so congrats on displaying that trait.
    (What? No spell check button?)

  2. Thanks for the promising update. It’s good to hear that things are coming along for you both. That his sense of humor has returned may be the best news yet since that can be the wellspring for recuperation.

    I wish you both plenty of patience, strength and fortitude in conquering this disease. May your days become brighter and healthier soon.

  3. It’s nice to read some happy news. I truly hope that his recovery continues under your watch. Really, I do (even though you are reading this via the internet LOL)

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