New Motor Boots for Local Cops

The county in the state where I live has a rather large police force, including a motorcycle squad. I have had the pleasure of being escorted by these officers on some official rides, as well as ride with them on their off-time when they join rides that my club sponsors.

When my local county motorcops show up in uniform to escort a ride for us, I look at their boots, and I’ve been disappointed with what I see.

Due to the downturn of the economy, the motorcops on our local force have not gotten new boots — for four years! Some of the cops have purchased new boots with their own money, but most “make do” with the boots they have and have not replaced them. Their boots appear dirty and badly worn.

I’m happy to report that with a slight uptick in the economy, our local elected officials finally approved a request from the police union to purchase new boots for the local motorcops. Good for them! Proof here:
Some of you may wonder about me — yeah, I’m that much of a wonk that I can find the exact wording in the hundreds of pages and dozens of County Council resolutions about budget matters that were passed this year. Kinda scary, it only took me two minutes to find it. Compliments to the county website for making it easy to find, and also a little credit to me that my experience told me precisely where to look.

And I hope soon enough, I’ll be looking at something like this on our local motorcops!

Life is short: wear presentable motorboots!

2 thoughts on “New Motor Boots for Local Cops

  1. Nice info about having good boots for officers. What kind of boots are the ones you show at the top – look like good lug soles.

    • The boots in both images are Dehners. The lug soles on the boots in the top photo were probably added on by a cobbler. The thick double soles on the boots of the Fairfax PD in the second photo were also add-ons by a cobbler.

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