Really Busy

Sorry, I don’t have much to blog about, nor time to do it.

My partner’s illness has been exhibiting symptoms … sigh. Calming him, reassuring him, taking him to doctors, the pharmacy, and other places for tests takes a lot of time. He had a scare that the treatment he is currently getting caused a blood clot in his leg. We had to get him a sonogram of his leg to determine what was happening. Turned out to be transient, and not a clot. Whew….

They say this disease has a “voice.”

That is, it causes my partner to behave in very strange ways and say things that are, well, bizarre. Not always and not often, but a few times here-and-there. I have to accept that it is not him speaking, but that nasty bug in his system that is defying death with the daily antibiotic treatment that I administer via IV.

He is not that way all the time. He has been able to work on his real job for a few days this past week from home. Working from home is so much better for him, because he does not have an energy-sapping commute to deal with. Of course, then, having him at home all day while I am trying to work (on days that I also work from home) makes things somewhat of a challenge. I tend to get interrupted frequently. He gets annoyed when I get annoyed at having my train-of-thought disrupted. So life goes… we’ll manage. I am much happier that he is safe at home and is able to be productive at his job. That helps boost his self-confidence, which his disease makes fragile.

Meanwhile, we try to continue with daily life. Fun stuff like grocery shopping. Other fun stuff like continuing to work on our kitchen. I have completed about half of the project of laying tile on the floor. I am also beginning to grout it. Soon, even if some parts of the floor are not finished, the main open part will be — so we can return the kitchen table to the kitchen! Joy in small accomplishments!

My work-life is okay; rather mundane but predictable. My community-life is okay, too. I haven’t had as much time to look after my senior pals as I would like, but I am managing to squeeze in the most important activities.

I haven’t ridden my motorcycle in way too long. I just haven’t had time! Drives me nuts… but this too shall improve. I have faith.

Speaking of no time, I have not had any time to update my website… but it is functioning okay. It is, after all, a hobby. Hobbies take a back seat when more important things take precedence.

Anyway, sorry for a non-blog blog post. I’m just busy. Really busy.

Life is short: do what you have to do!

2 thoughts on “Really Busy

  1. Go out today and ride for 10 minutes. Go around the block. The world won’t fall apart in 10 minutes.

    • Great suggestion, but…
      cold and rainy today… not a day for even a short ride. Soon, though, soon. (I keep saying that :-))

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