Life Marches On…

So here I am with my first “real” post on the blog… trying to think of what to blog about remains a question. Of course, I always remain open to your input but for now, here goes….

Last weekend, I drove my partner’s cage (what bikers call a car) to Pittsburgh. My partner cannot drive, still, due to his ongoing health issues. But it was nice to have his company, and keeping me awake as we made the five-hour trip.

We stayed with his mother who lives in the borough (small suburb that borders the City of Pittsburgh) where my partner grew up. His hometown is a sorry sight; lots of vacant homes, businesses, and general blight. His hometown took a nosedive with the fall of the steel industry, losing 70% of its population. It’s hard not to get depressed looking around, and easy to understand why residents of the town are edgy, angry, and difficult. Property values took a dive with the recession we went through. Heck, I could buy seven houses on his street for what we paid for our house in Maryland. So sad….

My mother-in-law is a quirky lady, living in the only house she has known for more than 60 years. She is becoming agoraphobic, not leaving her home due to many fears — some real and some imagined. She does not drive. The only grocery store she could walk to closed more than a year ago, so she has depended on us to bring her food and take her shopping when we visit. (Bright spot is that a new grocery store is under construction, but will not open until the end of the year, right in time for ice and snow to make walking there an “unchoice” for the mother-in-law.)

Besides attending a biker’s conference, I spent hours cooking meals for her. I prepared two huge lasagnes (plural?), four vegetable/beef casseroles, tons of vegetables, and other dishes that I divvied up into single-servings and placed them in bags to freeze. She’s good with a microwave, but not so good at cooking actual, healthful meals for herself. It’s hard for older people who live alone to cook a whole meal for themselves. Hopefully, she will have more nutritious meals to eat and will actually eat them. She has been losing weight and we’ve been worried.

Upon arrival back at home, my life got busy with a work assignment, which has been challenging. I’ve also been dealing with lots of other things going on in community events, as well as looking after my large crew of senior pals. Two of my pals prepared some goodies for my partner — consistent with his new dietary requirements. They’re so sweet. I am blessed with the close relationship with these friends.

My family is doing well. I am very much looking forward to our regular Friday night family dinner this week. I haven’t been to one of them for a long time, and I miss it! Loud, raucous, rambunctious, fun…. Can’t wait to see my newest Great Nephews who are nine months old now! Wow, how time flies.

Still caring for my partner, giving daily IV treatments and managing one hour, one day at a time. His symptoms have not abated. They haven’t gotten worse, but not much better, poor fella. But that’s what I do… I’m just a caregiver by nature. It’s my honor and pleasure, for better or worse, through thick or thin… to care for the man who means the world to me (and is my world!)

Well, that’s about it for now. Hope all is well for you, loyal blog followers!

Life is short: cherish its richness, share your blessings, and enjoy the favour of return!

One thought on “Life Marches On…

  1. Man, bro, you’ve been doing a lot! I remain impressed with how you naturally care for others, and how they care for you. Good luck with your new blog location. It looks a little different from the other one, but if its working for you and gets you away from that Google-mega-monster, it’s all good.

    We love you, miss you, and wish you and my brother-in-law well. Give the family a big hug from your twin brother when you see them on Friday!


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