Why Lug Soles on Boots in Winter?

Most of my motorcycle boots and work boots have “big lug” or “mini lug” Vibram soles on them. These soles provide great traction when riding my motorcycle (weather permitting.)

However, these boots have another added bonus when I wear them in winter with dress clothes to the office…

…What’s that added bonus?

No leather sole salt crunching on sidewalks.

Yowza! That noise — the crunching, squeaking, scraping noise of walking with smooth leather-soled boots on salt or cinders on sidewalks treated for safety — drives me absolutely, positively, nuts! Worse than fingernails on a chalkboard!

While I like to wear dressy cowboy boots with dress clothes in my office, I choose alternate boots with lug soles on days when sidewalks have been loaded with salt and cinders so I can avoid having to hear that awful noise.

Also, exposure of high-quality boot leather and exotic skins as I have on my cowboy boots to salt and cinders can be very damaging. When that gunk gets on my motorcycle or work boots, I can wash or wipe it off and the leather is no worse for the wear. Those outdoor-oriented boots are made to be water-resistant and more durable.

I do not want readers to be alarmed that ol’ BHD has found more reasons not to wear cowboy boots. On the contrary, I really do wear them most of the time while at the office. Perhaps last week at my week-long 12-hour/day meetings in cold, rainy Seattle was an exception. But at the office on dry days, you will still find good-looking, high-quality, cowboy boots on my feet.

For the most part, few if any people ever look at my footwear. I have received occasional comments about my boots, but not as often as one might think. 99% of the people I see every day look at me, not what I am wearing. No one really cares. (Fashion — dress or footwear — is unimportant.)

Life is short: reduce ear pollution — wear lug-soled boots on salt-treated sidewalks!

One thought on “Why Lug Soles on Boots in Winter?

  1. I too hate that crunchy sound. It feels so “dirty” and “geez, what is happening to the leather?” Plus with vibrams you don’t slip in the snow or ice. One fall and you learn your lesson!

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