At the start of a new year, one hears a lot about making New Years Resolutions. I do not give credence to making statements on future goals and self-promises that frequently do not get fulfilled.

However, I have faithful and steady self-promises that I will continue to do, “resolutions” notwithstanding….

In 2018, I resolve to continue

  • to love and care for my one-and-only Spouse. To honor him and keep him; to stand by his side in times of triumph and of pain; to be loyal and worthy of his trust; and to love and support him until we part at death.
  • to be an honest man of integrity in all actions and deeds.
  • to love and support my family near and far, young and old, conservative or less so, observant of religion or not. Blood is blood and family is family.
  • to contribute to the welfare of my community through service; share knowledge and experience; do what’s right; correct injustice; and lead the way toward equal recognition of everyone regardless of race, creed, sex, religion, sexual orientation, and so forth. People are people and my neighbors are my neighbors.
  • to strive to have a “work-life” balance by not bringing work home. Leave work at work. (One major reason I do not have a smartphone so I am not tethered to the office.)
  • to remain vigilant and keep the DIC and his destructive cronies at bay (and out of my view; there are much more positive things to think about!)
  • to laugh, love, and share smiles with perfect strangers (who may see me as the only sunshine that day!)

I am sure there is more; there is always more. However, this should be sufficient and is reflective of the man I am. I don’t need to make promises that I won’t keep. I am happy being just plain old “me.”

Life is short: resolve to be the best person you ARE.

One thought on “Resolving

  1. This is my resolution: to love myself as I am. You put it another way that I like better. To be happy being plain old me.😊

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