Gifts of My Life

Christmas is a time when children look for Santa Claus to bring them gifts of toys and bicycles and techie stuff.

Adults get into it, too. With all the commercials on television with yuppies giving themselves Lexi (that is the plural of Lexus, right?), Mercedes(es), or whatever the pricey ride du jour may be, my spouse and I look at each other and …

…roll our eyes. We look around at our lives and home and think, “what we have in each other as well as our home and other things that make life comfortable is all we want.”

We do not covet thy neighbor’s riches. Honestly, we abhor the trappings of yuppiedom. Heck, we don’t even have smartphones. Don’t need or want to make rich companies richer with their latest pricey device and monthly ransom for data plans. 🙂

I also look around at…

* my community where I have built my life, have served in a number of ways, and continue to contribute as an old-sage adviser. My home (geographic area) is richly diverse of people, religions, ethnicities, and much more. I truly am living with the gifts that such an open-minded and accepting community has to offer.

* my friends, some of whom I have known since childhood and some who I have met more recently. All mean a great deal to me and make me rich with their caring hearts and spirits. I am especially grateful for my friend “S” who made my Crazy-Awesome ‘Utah’s Mighty Five’ Motorcycle Adventure possible this past summer. I could not have done that 1,250-mile ride without him. I also give a shout-out to my friend WC who communicates with me most every day. He is a very caring and thoughtful man whose friendship is a treasure.

* the organizations with which I serve as a volunteer. I just stopped to count — in 2018, I will be an officer on no less than five not-for-profit organizations. Sheesh… no wonder the Spouse raises eyebrows from time-to-time about how busy I am outside of work.

* where I work (speaking of that) and what I do for a living. I now have my end-career position that I really enjoy doing, am good at it, and am respected for my skills and capabilities. I’ve got the best boss I have ever had in my entire working life. My financial adviser said that I could retire when I wanted to, but at the moment, I’m having too much fun at work to quit. (Spouse sometimes wonders if I need to have my head examined, but actually, he likes to have his quiet time while I’m in the office.)

* my lovely cadre of senior pals who remind me each time I help them with something-or-other how they fill my caregiving soul. Their joy helps me accept how difficult it is to care for my mother-in-law, who is quite the opposite of my worldly, educated, and happy senior pals. But I always remember a frequent motto: “show those you love how you love them.”

* my large, loud, and rambunctious family. From my twin brother to all of my siblings, nieces, nephews, “the greats,” and cousins — I am richly blessed to have such love. I admire and love all of them and for whatever reason, they love me right back. Our parents raised a great herd! (or is it mob, obstinacy, or shrewdness?) LOL.

Spouse and I talked about gifts that each of us may want for Christmas. We really have no wants… I have him and he has me, and those are each other’s gifts.

Instead of buying “stuff” for each other, we have each made significant donations to each other’s preferred charities. In fact, considering the impact of the favor-the-rich tax bill just enacted into law where charitable giving will not be deductible by the likes of us, we each doubled our giving in 2017 to take advantage of the last of our eligibility for tax deductions once this new law takes effect. (Bah humbug and lumps of coal to all the Rs in Congmess! 🙁 )

Politics aside, life is pretty good. I have my greatest gift–my spouse–and he has me. Those are the richest gifts we could ever have!

Life is short: show those you love what their gift of being in your life means to you.

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