The Great Last-Minute Things

My staff and folks I work with are quickly realizing that I will be “departing the pattern” as of…

… today. Yep, my last day of in-office work for the rest of the year is today. My black caiman Lucchese cowboy boots will carry me comfortably from last-minute meeting to last-minute meeting.

Then on the home front, I am finally getting out the last of my greeting cards, baking the last loaves of bread, and attending the last Fire Department volunteer meeting of the year tonight… then “I’m done.” Time to prepare for the Christmas visit with the mother-in-law.

Because of all this last-minute stuff to do, I do not have much time to blog. I will write again soon.

Meanwhile, be safe, be of good cheer, and remember:

Life is short: show those you love (and supervise) how you love them! (LOL!)

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