Unexpectedly Blocked From the ‘Net

Greeting, loyal blog fans. Some of you may be wondering “why hasn’t BHD posted anything lately?”

The reason, much to my surprise, was…

…that I went on a business trip to Southern California and brought my laptop issued by my office with me. I have done that before when I traveled for work, and never had a problem until this time.

Because my security clearance was upgraded when I was “Acting Boss” this summer, “they” also “upgraded” the security on my work computer. I did not notice anything when I was at the office because it connects to networks and the internet through internal secure connections.

However, this “security upgrade” blocked my computer from accessing wifi — anywhere — in the hotel where I was staying, or at the meetings I attended. I called the I.T. people in my office several times, and they said, “we’ve seen this a few times; just bring us your laptop and we’ll fix it.”

Yeah, right. Sure, I’ll rush right over to my office in the DC area on the U.S. East Coast from Southern California. Scotty, beam me up!

So I endured five days without internet access. That also included no access to email.

You know what? After accepting that there was nothing I could do about it, I relaxed. I had more time to see friends and colleagues who gathered at this meeting from across the U.S. and Canada (and the world). I had early breakfasts to get work done for my professional association, and after long, long days at these meetings, dragging myself back to my hotel room after 20:00 each evening, it was pleasantly refreshing that I could crawl into bed early and not spend hours on the computer answering email.

My boss wasn’t real happy, but there wasn’t anything I could do. I will have to suffer endless chastising, though: “if you only had a smartphone…”

Well, I don’t. And won’t. Until this experience, I never had a problem. Now that I know it can happen, I will test my work computer for its wifi access before I travel with it again. (Actually, I’m supposed to get a new one in a few weeks, so I will start over again.)

Sheesh… what an experience. I learned, however, that I really can live without the ‘net for an extended time and actually enjoy the experience.

Sorry to any of my friends who may have worried that something bad happened to me and that’s why I was incommunicado. Nope, I was just cybersecurityscrewed.

Life is short: roll with what happens and learn to enjoy it!

One thought on “Unexpectedly Blocked From the ‘Net

  1. I figured you were taking a few days off from blogging since you were on your business trip. Now, we know why you were off of the internet for the past week.

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