A Ride For The Spouse

I have mentioned on this blog from time to time that my Spouse used to ride two-up on my Harley with me. We rode thousands of miles on great adventures. We saw many lovely sights of our home state of Maryland, as well as in our most “motorcycle adventuresome” years, rode to Oklahoma together to visit my family on a 2,500 one-way adventure (shipped the bike back home from Kansas City), and also rode to Sturgis, South Dakota, as well as Colorado and Wyoming on a separate trip (shipped the bike home from Denver.)

But then illness caused his joints to lock up and fail. He stopped riding with me because he just could not bear the pain. I have missed him a lot. It’s been a decade now that he has not been my passenger. I miss him every.single.time.I.ride.

However, last Saturday, for a few hours anyway, I changed that.

I had described to him how happy I was that I led my last ride as a Road Captain for my motorcycle club a few weeks ago, and was very pleased that for once, I did not get lost or have to make the group do a U-turn.

It is all well-and-good to hear about great sights and riding roads, but not quite the same as being there.

So on Saturday, the Spouse and I rode the same roads, saw the same sights, and even had lunch at the same quaint small-town diner. But instead of having him on the back of my Harley, he was next to me in our Jeep.

I described everything that I had noted for the ride route, including the very tricky turns, sweeping curves and vistas, and the history of some of the towns we rode through. Some of those towns were settled before the Revolutionary War and Maryland was a state.

Some of the towns were made famous (for a few days) as battlefields or staging areas during the height of the Civil War in 1864. Our state has a lot of history. It was nice to hear his passion in sharing what he knows and loves — history — along the way.

We stopped at that famous covered bridge where I have ridden so often in the past, and also on that same route with my club. We stopped for a photo — full-size image below. He (and I) both were very happy.

For a few hours anyway, his pain subsided; his smile and humor returned; his passion for history was rekindled in the stories and information that he shared with me. For a few hours, I had the Spouse in full fun & glory as before.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them.

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