Leather, Boots, Bike, and Boss

Friday 27 October was forecast to be a pleasant sunny Autumn day after a frosty start. And it was my “Fourth Annual ‘International Take Your Boss on a Harley to Lunch’ Day!” So what better way to leather and layer up? Adventure began at dawn…

…Since I no longer ride my Harley when it is dark, I had to wait until dawn when it was 35F (2C). Yowza! But I can handle a short ride to the office in that cold (for a short time.)

I wore plain black leather jeans (for warmth and protection) and my warmest jacket — that new Langlitz padded pocket Columbia. I was thinking of wearing my high-vis jacket, but it is so well-ventilated that it would not keep me warm enough for the ride in.

What boots did I wear? Of course! My favorite Chippewa Firefighters!

I slogged through traffic to the office. It took me twice as long as the trip ordinarily does — 40 minutes for a six-mile journey. (Man, if I had to commute in that volume of traffic every day, I would lose my mind!)

I hung the Langlitz in my office and it became a “conversation piece” for the Boss and several co-workers throughout the morning. People would stop by and say, “Man, that’s a tough jacket!”, “How heavy is it?” (15 pounds) and “Do you wear it instead of body armor?” … and other silly stuff. I took it all in good stride, but I could tell that for some guys, there was a spot of envy in their admiration of this jacket — the way they looked at it, touched it, and one guy even smelled it!

The boss knows that I won’t take someone “improperly geared” on my Harley, so he wore his military boots, jeans, and a warm jacket as well.

At 1130, the boss was ready to head out to lunch. By then, it had warmed to a very pleasant 65F (18C). I brought my Rev’IT Tornado jacket in the Harley’s TourPak, so I wore that instead of that heavy Langlitz that would cause me to roast in warmer weather.

I moved the Harley out of the garage at to the front car drop-off area where the Boss hopped on the back. Several colleagues stopped by to make remarks and wish us a pleasant ride.

That it was… great weather, dry roads, Autumn brilliant sunshine. Perfect.

We rode 17 miles through backroads and byways to a great tavern for lunch. We enjoyed a nice conversation about lots of things. We really like each other personally in addition to professional mutual respect.

All good things must come to an end, and I rode back a slightly different way. That was an unfortunate choice because we encountered road construction that forced three lanes of traffic into one, and it was very, very slow. But we made it.

I really enjoyed this outing, that goes to show:

  • You can wear leather jeans to the office
  • Two men can ride two-up on a Harley when they both are secure and confident (traits lacking in those who ridicule two men on a Harley)
  • Layering works — leather and ballistic nylon gear

Life is short: take the boss to lunch on a Harley, geared appropriately!

2 thoughts on “Leather, Boots, Bike, and Boss

    • Two men on a Harley is “not okay” for people who live in fear, are insecure, and lack self-confidence. Those characteristics and conditions do not apply to my boss or to me.

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