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I have to give a tip of my Stetson to Tecovas Boots for being the “most out there” with saturated marketing campaigns for their boots. You can’t go anywhere on the ‘net without seeing an ad, or two or dozens, from them. It seems that Tecovas is targeting the younger market, which is smart on their part. Get young-uns into boots, and they will learn like I did that boots are far better than dorky dress shoes, even with dress clothes in an office.

For some people, the saturation and exposure of advertising that Tecovas is doing is…

…highly annoying. For others, the ads become background clutter and quickly disappear into ignorance. But what guy can resist the images like the one shown above — great looking boots with straight-leg denim jeans stacked neatly on the boots.

What really caught my eye though, and for which I give Tecovas lots of props is this one:… that shows up in my social media feed.

Showing a guy carrying a briefcase and wearing khakis with boots supports what I have been saying for many years: yes, not only is it right, but perfectly acceptable for men to wear boots with khakis at the office, school, or wherever his work brings him.

I would love to see data from Tecovas on how their paid social media marketing is working for them. I figure it is pretty good, but wonder if overexposure will sooner-than-later cause people to ignore the ads.

Oh well, I would much rather see the ads from Tecovas than some other ads, such as this one from Thursday boots (to the right). I know, it’s probably old-fart me that finds the image of skinny jeans rolled up over short boots to be less appealing. But if it sells their product to the young-uns, I’m all for it.

Life is short: wear boots (always).

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