This post was delayed because…

…I am really, really, really busy with a home remodeling/accessibility project in a town about 60 miles north from where I live. This town surrounds a U.S. Army base.

The son of a friend of mine was injured while serving on a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He eventually lost his right leg. While he uses a prosthesis quite well, other injuries affect his mobility.

My friend was describing his son’s plight, and I suggested that we organize a remodeling project for his house so he could use the bathroom more easily, get around in the house by replacing some stairs with ramps, and leveling out some floors. His kitchen also needs a major rehab both for safety as well as accessibility.

All during this past week, I have been finalizing the work required for this project. I have secured adequate pledges and funds that we’ll need to get the work done. (Note, when you talk “wounded warrior home remodel,” people throw money at you; when you talk about “home remodeling for the elderly,” people just pat you on the back and tell you how nice you are. Few donate to help defray expenses.)

I drove to the town where my friend’s son lives on Friday, met with volunteers as well as skilled carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and others to work out “who does what when” in a carefully-orchestrated 2-1/2-day project.

We sent the son, the son’s wife & three kids to a hotel on Maryland’s Atlantic beach for a bit of R&R, and to get them out of the house while we tear it apart and put it back together again.

Check back later to see if I survive 🙂

Life is short: cheerfully volunteer to contribute talents and skills where needed.

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