Firefighters & Pride

Some people who do not really know me may have been confused by yesterday’s post on this blog which may seem to indicate that I don’t care about Gay Pride or choose to recognize the struggles that led to the rights earned by gay people and ongoing challenges facing us.

While marching, parading, and celebrating is all well and good — albeit the weather very hot and humid — Spouse and I choose to do our own special form of recognition.

Yesterday while people were on Washington’s Front Lawn (the Mall) participating in the Equality March for Unity and Pride in exceptionally hot weather, Spouse and I went another direction…

I own several small houses that I have purchased, renovated, lived in, and now rent in a stable old neighborhood not far from where we live now. I rent these houses to community heroes — cops, firefighters, and teachers — who are new to employment with my home county, and thus lower on the salary scale, being paid entry wages.

While some may think that base pay here in my home county is high, the cost of living is far higher. Community heroes can’t afford to live in the county where they work, and this just isn’t right. So I participate in an affordable rental housing program and keep my rents below market for the expressed purpose of making housing affordable to those who selflessly serve my community and who need to live near where they work.

One of the houses that I own was recently vacated. The cop who lived there was promoted, and qualified for his own mortgage, so he bought his own house and moved out of mine.

Spouse and I spent most of the past weekend sprucing up the house. It was left in very good shape, but there’s always something. Painting, fixing a plumbing leak, refurbishing the landscaping, and other small stuff.

In recognition of Pride Month (though not recognized by 45 and his ilk), when it came to renting one of my houses that we just spruced up, I had two special guys in mind for this property. Steve and Dan are Firefighters who work as paid professionals in the Fire Department where I am a Life Member. They got married two weeks ago, and were looking for a home to live in together.

I offered them this house — the price was right — they fit county qualifications for the affordable housing program — so as soon as the house was ready, they signed the lease. They will move in this week.

I can’t think of a better way to recognize Gay Pride Month than by doing something like this. Direct action that makes a difference in two people’s lives. Small steps, but more effective, in my opinion, than sunbaking on America’s Front Lawn while Ignoramus (“45”) isn’t even in town.

Life is short: show how you care through your actions.

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  1. I love your style. What a great idea! As for ’45’, I doubt he’d understand anything of what you wrote. But that’s OK. He and those of his ilk don’t matter in the long run. They are on the wrong side of progress and the long arc of history.

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