Planning Bucket List Ride II

A number of things are coming together — my age and physical capabilities (sixth decade fast approaching), my motorcycle riding skill decline, a business trip to Utah, and major surgery for my spouse (when I will have to remain at home to care for him).

So… with all these things going on, and after recalling how much I thoroughly enjoyed my “Bucket List I” ride in Hawaii, I “pulled the trigger” to plan my second-of-the-year “bucket list” motorcycle ride to…

…the great national parks of Southern Utah. I have seen photos of these parks on-line and on television. Now, it’s time to see them up close on two wheels.

I hesitated to plan this trip only because I do not want to ride alone. I am trying to recruit a riding partner, but so far, cannot find anyone willing to take the time (and expense) to ride with me.

I will rent a motorcycle out there and ride for five days. Riding limited to my skill level and stamina at altitudes of 5,000 ft (1.5km) or more, as well as riding during daylight only. I am going to ride and stop thousands of times to take pictures and shoot video. I’m not riding for greatest distance in a day.

Anyway, this trip is “on” and I am now fully engaged in trip planning, including contingencies for rain, gear requirements and logistics (coordination with what I need for riding vs. what I need to lead a four-day business meeting right after the ride), and much more.

If any of my blog readers are interested in joining me and you have a valid motorcycle operators permit (driver’s license), write to me. I will share more about my plans, dates, and itinerary. Let’s see if we can work something out.Life is short: fulfill your bucket list before you can’t do it any more.

One thought on “Planning Bucket List Ride II

  1. I’m all for you doing this ‘bucket list’ ride. I always wanted to tour parts of the country in a restored 2.5 ton military truck. Over a few years I put over 15000 miles on it doing so, in several 2-week vacations, and it was the best time ever. Even the annoyances like breakdowns, the slow slow speed of that monster, the general discomforts of the truck itself, are now revered memories alongside the camping and the hundreds of stops and pictures taken. I still love road trips but sold the ‘deuce and a half’ a long time ago and in my mature age I like more comfort in a vehicle. It’s still the adventure and that’s the real deal. Good luck and safe trip!

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