A Glimpse Into My Weekend

Ah, I lead such a grand and glorious social life. For example, Friday evening, I dressed in my leather best (leather shirt, shiny black leather pants, and shined black Chippewa harness boots), and after feeding the Spouse an early dinner, I headed out…

…to join about 40 people at a social gathering, including a fine restaurant dinner, wine, and …

…well, fergit the wine; I don’t drink alcohol.

Anyway, I joined my family — siblings, nieces, nephews, “the greats,” and a few close family friends — for our usual Friday night family dinner. As mentioned in the previous blog, the only person who noticed (or obviously noticed) the leather was a waiter at the restaurant who my sister said had his eye on me all night. LOL.

Home early enough to snuggle with the spouse a bit before retiring for the evening at a very late (for me) hour, 2130. Oh my!

Saturday morning, up at dawn for a walk with an octogenarian walking partner on a cold but lovely Spring morning. We walked briskly. Me in Chippewa hikers and jeans; my friend in her favorite tennies. We did five miles, which is enough to get the blood flowing, and get home to shower (and jump into Spouse’s bed for a warm-up.)

Dressed again in leather; different lighter-weight leather jeans and a leather shirt (at first; after it warmed up, I just wore a t-shirt.) Prepared the usual five-flour gluten-free waffles for the spouse. Then I left to escort five lovely LOLITS and the Spouse to the grocery store for our weekly ritual.

Home early enough to mow the lawn before lunch. Changed to jeans and my my Timberland work boots. Showered, changed to denim jeans, and put on very thin socks to try breaking in those Tecovas cowboy boots. Those boots look great with dark blue denim.

Prepared lunch for the spouse and me, then got ready for a meeting of my neighbors. Elected again to serve on the Board of the HOA and keep things organized, safe, and well-tended in the ‘hood.

After that meeting and some follow-ups, I grilled some steaks on the BBQ, prepared sides of potatoes and salad, and enjoyed a nice dinner with the Spouse.

Cleaning up quickly, I changed once again to comfy sweats and socks, since we weren’t going anywhere. Had to ask the Spouse to help me remove those Tecovas boots that are still damn tight on the instep. Darn it — such nice-looking boots but they remain hell to take off, even when the insides of both boots were dusted with talc. I’m not going to buy any more of those boots, as affordable and nice-looking as they are. The fit just “isn’t” in the instep and there is not a way to stretch that part that is so tight. Darn.

Sunday morning — repeat of the brisk walk in hikers, shower, snuggle, and home-made breakfast. Then both the Spouse and I donned our work duds. Me — camo jeans, t-shirt, and a pair of desert Army boots (that I still haven’t had time to take pictures for the website, but I am wearing them in the photo to the right). We went to a building supplies retailer “out yonder.” Bought supplies to repair and paint one of my rental properties whose tenant recently moved out. The house was in good shape. Didn’t take but a few hours to clean it up and do a little painting.

Met a nice couple who signed a lease to rent the house. The couple both are members of our local PD. It’s nice to provide affordable housing so cops can live in the county where they work.

Home… showered, and it was still early enough so that I could get out for a short ride on my Harley. Changed to Sliders jeans, tall Wesco Morrison boots, and my white Rev’IT ballistic nylon jacket. Went for a ride on a very pleasant sunny afternoon, looking for tadpoles for our pond. Didn’t find any, but the boots served their purpose while wandering through a marsh. 🙂

Home by 5; changed to comfy sweats. Prepared a “comfort-food” dinner of chicken cacciatore with a small side salad. Snuggled with the Spouse and called it a night at the usual 2130.

I described my weekend activities to say that I am that guy who does these things, not “that gay” who does these things. I had a local elected official suggest on my social media page to nominate me for some recognition for LGBT people who do great service. I thanked her for the compliment, and was honored that she might think I am deserving of recognition. But as I said in my reply to her:

I appreciate your sentiments, thank you, and am very honored to be the friend of a gifted community leader/mentor in my home county. But I don’t want recognition with sexual orientation a part of it. I’m that Community Leader who happens to be gay, not that Gay who happens to have done some award-winning service.

My own statement received a number of “likes.” So perhaps I’m not the only one who feels that way.

My friend understood completely, and apologized via email. I told her not to worry and that I wasn’t upset or anything. I am, after all, a guy who contributes to his community not because I am gay, but who happens to be gay. To me, big difference.

Life is short: be active, busy, and contribute to the community in which you have made your home for your entire adult life.

6 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into My Weekend

  1. Do you have a fixed cycle or order of boots you wear? Do you make sure that each boot gets at least a few days of “rest” in between wears?

    • Good question. I have no fixed cycle or order of boots I wear. As you noted, I give my boots at least one day (usually longer) between wears to air out and dry.

      Some boots I wear for specific routine activities: the Timberlands for
      mowing the lawn; the Firefighters to go with my duty uniform at the Fire Department (and the lug-sole version are also my first choice when riding my Harley); patrol boots when I wear breeches on the Harley; loggers when doing heavy outdoor work in wet/muddy environments; and steel-toe boots when doing construction. Other general-purpose boots are worn for other things I do in my daily routine, including work and helping seniors, etc., around home.

      I choose boots based on how I am dressed, where I am going, what I will be doing, the weather (wet, snow, ice, dry pavement/sidewalks), and the utility required (work, motorcycle, dress-up for work, or casual around the house & community). One reason why I built my website so I know what boots I have and deliberately choose boots that I have not worn in a while.

      • Is there an optimal number of days in between wears? Can a boot get too dry or stiff if you go too long without wearing it?

        • Minimum of one day between wearings is recommended. As for me, since I have such a large boot collection, my wearings are far apart for the same pair of boots — as much as a month in some cases. Since I keep my boots clean and conditioned on a regular basis, I have not experienced boots becoming stiff or dry out. See this post for more information.

          • Thanks for the tip. What about storage, though? Is it best to hang boots or let them sit? Do you use foam or cedar or anything to help them retain their shape?

          • See this post on my blog. As for me, I usually place boots on a wire rack/shelf or on clean floors. Boots made of very soft leather may find me using crumpled Kraft paper inside them to retain shape. While I hang some of my boots, I don’t do that with most of them, because removing the hangers and replacing them is a time-suck. I’m like most guys — grab the boots you want to wear, put ’em on, and go.

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